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- is a solo project out of inspiration from my creator : This site is to share what I find on the internet that might not get seen!! Nothing can be done on Earth without the divine influence of its creator. When this URL is sold, it will feed the poor children. -

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daily live streams.
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archived media
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live broadcasting
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leave your voice
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Tank Demo
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Blaq Rosebudd

latest video post
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Booze & News with Tim & Dut

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daily live videos

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The War Room

Daily LIVE video broadcasts !! Chat with us.

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Live Radio Broadcast


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Voice Messages

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Voices Of The World

List of people that stopped by:

1- Alex Jones Goes METAL!

2- Alex Jones Keeps Talking

3- Covid-19 Ritual Audio Book

4- Words From TYM.

5- Matt Walsh on Dillian

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Booze & News with Tim & Dut

Booze & News

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Booze & News with Tim & Dut

Watch them LIVE daily.

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Advanced Research of Chronological History of Artificial Intelligence X

Every mystery and phenomenon of the ancient and modern world is explained in Simulation theory. Watch and learn about 2046 and the final years !!

We have access to more about the world before the Flood cataclysm than you realize- forgotten disasters, appearance of strange people, ancient wars against giants, the descent of the Watchers, the reign of Enoch, the Nephilim Dynasty, the Seven Kings of Sumer and the building of the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Newgrange and what they mean.

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Entertainment -N- Productions


Famous voice impressionist of John Wayne.
PLEASE WAIT - More Later.
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