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Twitmer is the homebase of talented business owners from around the world.
APP and Internet WIZARD since 1996.

Mobile APP Design We build awesome mobile APPs, that are iOS and ANDROID ready and we are looking for team members to continue new projects!

Digital Construction Amazing, useful tools that don't clog your page! We build pages that offer things you need and want, without slowing things down!

Built for speed! We believe in the fastest possible design, using the latest coding techniques, elements are compressed yet maintain quality!

Built for the masses We believe in the building of quality APPs, with simple code, and extremely detailed design with awesome support.

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See the collection of website domains that are used for personal and professional business. Each one is custom designed by Twitmer.Com.



since 2016 We love our president! Historic time in this world, TRUMP is president and TRUMP.VOTE is our support site! Go.


For the Republican Party A small show of support for our PRESIDENT Here is another website to show it! Go.


Women in America! The perfect color to support for women is PINK! And here is another support website. Arrive.


2020 ELECTION! An amazing time to be living in! Soon the election will on the way !! Read More


because we love him! If you wonder WHY TRUMP, it just because YRUMP!! Hit.


and the ClownNews.Network FAKE news is killing people daily! Welcome to the beginning of 2020! See.

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Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.

Dave Irish.

I count Twitmer braver because he overcomes his desires and who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over self.

Barb Snow

His craftmanship is better than every company that I tried! He asks questions that we would never thought of to help our business.

Stephen R. Covey

He has been designing my website for 10 years now! Always a MASTER at making your ideas a reality !!

Virgil Baker

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